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Competitive Swimming in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire

Affiliated to Swim England

Galas for our 4Shires Swimmers

Swimming galas are the life blood of any competitive swimming club and that is very much the case for 4Shires. They give a focus for the training and allow the swimmers to experience the thrill of competition whilst improving their times and their race technique. Below are the details you need to complete a gala entry for your child. Most galas have their own application process which we will help to manage for you, but they also have very strict deadlines due to the popularity of the events, so we ask that you complete application forms and pay the entry fees promptly to give your child and the club as a whole the best chance of securing the places in the event. Help us to help you by not leaving everything to the last minute! 


You should always discuss the appropriate level of gala for your child with the coach but after that the first port of call should be Gordon Syme, our excellent gala secretary, who you can contact by clicking here

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